St. Louis Jingle Jam Update

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St. Louis Jingle Jam Update


Thank you for participating in the Inaugural St. Louis Jingle Jam Feeder Basketball Tournament.  We’re excited to host a tournament with a true “high school” feel.



One of the unique aspects of this tournament will be the format, featuring 8 team brackets where each team will play one game a night. We’ve already closed registration for most of our divisions and expect to fill any openings by the end of the week for those divisions not yet full.
Teams will be placed in one of two 8 team pools (upper and lower).  We will then host a seeding meeting where coaches will help us seed the 8 teams within their respective bracket. As soon as seeding is complete, we’ll post the brackets on the website at

Jeremy Donald, our expert scheduler, will attempt to “pod” out the first round games trying to keep teams as close to home as possible. Please understand, by prioritizing the competitiveness of the games and seeding of the teams, we lose some flexibility in creating game match ups for the sake of location convenience.

Game times on each of our three nights will be 5:30, 6:15pm, 7:15pm and 8:15pm.

Confirming Your Entry
We realize some of you registered earlier than others and we need to make sure you are still planning on participating.  Please send a quick email confirmation to Tim Bowdern HERE to let him know you are still playing.
Website / Communication
Everything you’ll need for the upcoming tournament will be online at You’ll find the locations we’re using, schedules, brackets, rules, etc. at the website.
**IMPORTANT** – We need each coach participating to enter their team’s roster on the website HERE. We’ll use this information to create a unique program for the tournament, similar to what is available at the top high school tournaments.
More About the Seeding Process
Take this from a long time high school basketball coach, please don’t get hung up on the seeding process or your ranking. All teams in this event are Feeder programs so the disparity from top to bottom won’t be as extreme as when club (all star) teams are involved. Your team will either be in the Upper or Lower bracket.
In high school, when brackets are done there’s often a few match ups that appear on paper to be foregone conclusions. This is when unbelievable upsets take place and 7’s beat 2’s in the first round. Our high school kids always survive the first round and so will these 5th – 8th graders.
Once we confirm each of the teams we’ll open up the seeding process in a “discrete” way. By looking at all of the team capsules and any history we can provide you about the teams, coaches will assist in seeding the 8 teams in their bracket. You will not vote for your own team and nobody will see any seedings until the process is complete. This is how we do it at the high school level.
Other Tournament Information:
Admission at each site will be $2.00 for adults and $1.00 (ages 8-14). Children under the age of 8 are free.  Individual medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each division.
PA Announcements – We are working to get line-ups announced at each facility so the kids get a genuine high school feel to their pregame. Some venues will be tougher than others, but we will do our best to provide a unique experience for the kids.
Head Coaches and one Assistant Coach will get complimentary concessions each night. We ask coaches to not abuse this benefit.
Thanks again for participating in what we believe will be an exciting and unique event your team will enjoy.

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