Seeding Central

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Seeding Central


Click on the appropriate bracket and you’ll be taken to the form where you can seed your division.

To access the team capsules and information about the teams in the tournament, CLICK HERE.  You will need to click on your grade level and then click on the team you want to research.

When you start to seed out your bracket, you’ll click below.  Please only click on your bracket.  Coaches participating in the bracket will be the only people who will contribute to the seeding process.

1 = best, 8 = worst

4th Boys Red

4th Boys White

5th Boys Red

5th Boys White

5th Boys Blue

6th Boys Red

6th Boys White

6th Boys Blue

7th Boys Red

7th Boys White

7th Boys Blue

8th Boys Red

8th Boys White

5th Girls Red

6th Girls Red

6th Girls White

7th Girls Red

8th Girls Red

8th Girls White

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