Jingle Jam Update – One Week Away

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Jingle Jam Update – One Week Away


We’re only one week away from the 2016 St. Louis Jingle Jam. We’ve been finalizing details to make this a unique and special experience for the feeder / church / school teams participating in this inaugural event.

Below is a timeline of events that we need you to follow to make this event as special as it can be. We can only do this if we get your responses in a timely manner.

Teams Needed: We could use a few 5th or 6th grade girls teams. We have enough 5th and 6th grade teams to offer an upper and lower division, but can accommodate 3 more teams in the tournament if you know anyone interested. We are full in all boys divisions with 8 teams in both an upper and lower bracket at the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels.

Timeline: All Coaches need to visit the website HERE and fill out their team information form. We will use this form to seed the tournament. You, the coaches, will determine the deeds for this tournament, not the tournament directors. You will be using the data from this form to make decisions on how to seed your bracket.

Nobody will have access to the information you are entering until all coaches have completed the form. We will then share the data with the other coaches and allow you to seed out the bracket. All entries about your team must be entered by Wednesday, 9am.

On Wednesday at 12pm we will share the information with the coaches so you can review and select your seeds. You will be ranking the teams in your bracket online (we will send you a link to your ranking form on Wednesday).

After receiving everyone’s seeding form, our scheduler will then put the teams in their respective brackets and seeds will be revealed sometime Friday. By Friday night we will share the seeds, along with game times, etc. for all coaches and participants to see.

Seeding The Teams: There will be a seeding sheet for all coaches to fill out. You will submit this form secretly where no other coaches will see the seedings until the scheduler releases the brackets. This is basically how it is done at the high school level, with very few “seeding” meetings in person.

Scheduling: Jeremy Donald, our expert scheduler, will attempt to “pod” out the first round games trying to keep teams as close to home as possible. Please understand, by prioritizing the competitiveness of the games and seeding of the teams, we lose some flexibility in creating game match ups for the sake of location convenience.

Game times on each of our three nights will be 5:30pm, 6:15pm, 7:15pm and 8:15pm.

Online Program: We are producing an online program so nobody has to purchase one at the door. This program will be downloadable at home so fans can bring it with them to the game. Please make sure you fill out the Roster form on the website HERE, so we can include all of your players in the program.

Website / Communication: Everything you’ll need for the tournament will be found on the website (www.stlouisjinglejam.com). You’ll find location to gyms we’re using, schedules, brackets, rules, etc. on the website.

Other Tournament Information: Admission at each site will be $2.00 for adults, $1.00 (ages 8-14) with children under the age of 8 admitted free.

Individual medals will be awarded to each 1st, 2nd and 3rd place team in each division.

PA Announcements – We’re working to present our games just like a high school game is presented in the form of announcing the players before the game. Each facility is unique making some venues tougher than others, but we’re doing our best to give the kids a genuine high school game feel.

Head Coaches and One Assistant coach will get complimentary concessions each night at the games. We ask the coaches to not abuse this benefit.

Thanks again for participating and for you attention this week as we go through the seeding process. We’re excited to create this very unique and exciting event for the kids and their families.

PS – Important Links:

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