Sacred Heart Valley Park (Novotny)



CNR 2015-16 Winter League

Wins – 1

Losses – 3

CNR Pre Season Tournament

Wins – 0

Losses – 0

Pre Season Tournament Comments


General Comments

The core of this team has competed in the CNR league since 4th grade under the team name St Louis Gunners.  Seven of the eight girls on SHVP also play on the Gunners. We have always competed in CNR with a ranking of 8 or 9 and have compiled a 54-27 record over the years qualifing for two Champions Weekends.

Recent records: 7th grade season CNR finished 8-4 loosing in Champions Weekend Final to the Knights.  7th grade season CYC lost in the City County Semi-Finals after competing up one year in the 8th A-league regular season. Finished season with four loses and three were to the eventual 8G City County finalist.  South Central District champion three straight years with one City County championship in 6th grade.