Parkway West (Gulino)



CNR Winter League 2015-16

Wins – 1

Losses – 0

CNR Pre Season Tournament

Wins – 1

Losses – 3

CNR Pre Season Comments

Our team started out slow, but played much better in the 2nd the 3rd games of the tournament. Overall, we have some new girls this year that are learning our program, but I like the effort and attitude of our team.

General Comments

We have historically been rated a 5. I think this is a good indicator when we play teams rated similarly. We tend to beat the teams rated 2 or 3 and have a very hard time with teams rated 7 or better. Unfortunately, our girls do not get as much practice time as I would like given our limited gym time. This definitely hurts us against many of the other feeder teams and especially against the “club” level teams.