Orchard Farm (Westerfield)



CNR Winter League 2015-16

Wins – 0

Losses – 1

CNR Pre Season Tournament

Wins – 0

Losses – 3

CNR Pre Season Comments

Our team is not a tryout team. We lost to the Jets by 8, the FZW Purple by 30, and Kirkwood by 20. We were not a lot of competion for the last two games.

General Comments

Our first league game we lost by 2 against Francis Howell Blue. After viewing the bracket we have not played against any other team except the FZW purple, and losing by 30 was not fun. After talking to the FZW coaches after the tourney game and they said they were ranked a 7 and so were we per our Varsity Coach. Either we should not be ranked a 7 or they should be ranked a 10. We do look forward to playing in your tournament for the experience in hopes that we can be competitive with someone.