Liberty (Lady Bombers) (Smith)



CNR 2015-16 Winter League

Wins – 2

Losses – 0

CNR Pre Season Tournament

Wins – 2

Losses – 1

Pre Season Tournament Comments

We took 3rd place in our bracket.  We won against a 4th grade Knights team, lost a close game to a 5th grade Knights team, and barely won vs. the Rockwood girls.

General Comments

Honestly, I have 3 really solid players who are difficult for average/below average teams to contend with.  I have a team of 9 players, with 3 skilled, good players, 3 solid players, and 3 who are well below average.

My top 5 have played together for several years.

Last year, we only lost 1 game in the CNR league in 4th grade and we played up a level and went 5-5 in the upper level as well.

We lost our 2nd best player from the team last year to the Knights, and I’ve added two players who are not really strong.

We are solid but not as good as we were last year.  We’ve won both games so far this year by wide margins 34-10 over Troy and 48-8 over Ladue.  I have one girl who has scored over 50 points by herself in those two games.  She won’t be able to do that against better competition.

Not sure if Zumwalt West and Zumwalt South are in this tournament, but I’d say we rank right with those teams.  We were 1-1 against South over the summer, and we beat West in a couple of thrillers last year.

We play West this coming Sunday.