Liberty Eagles (Blue) (Casserly)



CNR Winter League 2015-16

Wins – 2

Losses – 0

CNR Pre Season Tournament

Wins – 1

Losses – 2

CNR Pre Season Comments

Our boys were not ready for the speed of the competition.  This is our first year together and many of our players would be considered developmental.  We have 2 players that match up well with skilled teams but for the most part we are average to slightly above.

General Comments

Our team is average to very slightly above. We are working on fundamentals and playing faster to align to the competition.  We are 2-0 thus far in the regular season.  One of those wins was against a very low level team while the other was against a team that we matched up well against.  Our roster is large and we work on getting playing time for even the developmental players.  Bottom line, we want to play good times but need to avoid matching up with the higher ranked competitive teams.