Ft. Zumwalt West (Toth)



CNR 2015-16 Winter League

Wins – 1

Losses – 2

CNR Pre Season Tournament

Wins – 2

Losses – 1

Pre Season Tournament Comments

We had very solid games, probably played as well as we could, which was god enough to beat the South City Jets by 8 and blow out Orchard Farm, but not good enough to beat the Falcons, we lost by 5… We’ve played the Falcons twice this year and lost by 5 both times

General Comments

We are currently 24-8 on the year… Our best wins have been against Academia, STL Shockers, Wentzville Hawks, South City Jets, Runnin’ Rebels, and Eureka We’ve finished 1st in the Southside Fall Classic and the MId-County December Shoot-out, and we’ve finished 2nd in the CNR pre-season tournament and the Reebok October Hoopfest and the Halloween Hoopfest We are ranked as a 7, but now 32 games into the season, if we are playing as good as we can play with all of our players there, we can play with most people… We’ve gotten BLOWN OUT once this year and it was by the Clippers