Eureka (Oligschlaeger)



CNR Winter League 2015-16

Wins – 0

Losses – 1

CNR Pre Season Tournament

Wins – 0

Losses – 0

CNR Pre Season Comments


General Comments

We have nine girls on the team.   Of the nine, five play for the Knights Basketball Academy and two play for the Rockets.   Of the five who play for the Knights, one plays on their best team (Black), one plays on their second best team (White), and the other three play on their next best teams(Soccer Girls and Gold).   This team has played together in CNR in past years as Eureka Purple, and has been rated 8 or higher each year while winning most of its games.  I don’t recall losing a game to another high school feeder team over the past few years.   The team hasn’t played together since this past summer, as its coach at the time is now a high school basketball coach.  So the focus for these girls has been club basketball.  The girls have practiced together but haven’t yet played together this season.