2017 Jingle Jam Look Who’s Coming

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2017 Jingle Jam Look Who’s Coming

We will update this list every few days leading up to the 2017 St. Louis Jingle Jam.  If you are still wanting to participate we have room, but space is filling quickly.  We can only accommodate so many teams per bracket, so if you want to participate, please register asap.

Program Affiliation (High School) Coach’s Full Name Grade Level Gender Ranking
Liberty White 4th Boys Kevin Hetland 4th Boys 1
Northwest 4th Boys Brandon Boeger 4th Boys 2
Clayton 4th Boys Jay Kerley 4th Boys 3
Parkway West 4th Boys Ryan Lanfersieck 4th Boys 3
Ladue Margraf 4th Boys Michael Margraf 4th Boys 5
Liberty Red 4th Boys Dustin Ashby 4th Boys 5
Crusaders White 4th Boys Mark Schellert 4th Boys 5
Wentzville Holt Blue 4th Boys Dwayne Whitfield 4th Boys 5
Fort Zumwalt West 4th Boys Rich Reese 4th Boys 5
Eureka 4th Boys Aron Rauls 4th Boys 6
Ladue Bisig 4th Boys carl bisig 4th Boys 6
Liberty White 5th Boys Dustin Ashby 5th Boys 2
Northwest 5th Boys Dan Torrence 5th Boys 2
Parkway South 5th Boys Toby Jeffers 5th Boys 2
Francis Howell White 5th Boys Jeremy Mortensen 5th Boys 2
St. Dominic Zelnis 5th Boys Josh Zelnis 5th Boys 3
Oakville 5th Boys Dan Eckhard 5th Boys 3
Parkway South 5th Boys Mitch Stevens 5th Boys 3
Wentzville Holt Blue 5th Boys Gabe Moeller 5th Boys 3
Rockwood Summit 5th Boys Andrew Roth 5th Boys 4
Parkway West Kuehl 5th Boys Steve Kuehl 5th Boys 5
Liberty Red 5th Boys Dustin Ashby 5th Boys 6
St. Dominic Swindler 5th Boys Scott Swindler 5th Boys 6
Fort Zumwalt West Brown 5th Boys Joshua Brown 5th Boys 7
Fort Zumwalt West Campbell 5th Boys Doug Campbell 5th Boys 7
Wentzville Holt Gold 6th Boys Eldridge Bell 6th Boys 2
Parkway South Red 6th Boys Damion Nickerson 6th Boys 3
Fox 6th Boys Kevin Reese 6th Boys 4
Francis Howell Gold 6th Boys Mike Smith 6th Boys 4
Parkway West Clardy 6th Boys Mark Clardy 6th Boys 4
Wentzville Holt Blue 6th Boys Dustin Lowry 6th Boys 4
Clayton 6th Boys Geoff Espe 6th Boys 4
Liberty White 6th Boys Dustin Ashby 6th Boys 5
Parkway South Saxon 6th Boys Mark Saxon 6th Boys 5
Seckman 6th Boys Jon DeBold 6th Boys 5
Northwest 6th Boys Dan Torrence 6th Boys 5
John Burroughs 6th Boys Richard McIntosh 6th Boys 5
Lutheran St. Charles 6th Boys Kenny Mays 6th Boys 5
Parkway West 6th Boys Ron Sweet 6th Boys 6
St. Charles West 6th Boys Adam Kilker 6th Boys 6
Eureka Purple 6th Boys Steve Beiermann 6th Boys 7
Francis Howell Pearson 6th Boys Nick Pearson 6th Boys 7
Webster Groves 6th Boys Travis Snelling 6th Boys 7
Liberty Red 6th Boys Dustin Ashby 6th Boys 8
Kirkwood 6th Boys Ben Woolf 6th Boys 10
Ladue 6th Boys David Calvert 6th Boys 10
Liberty Blue 7th Boys Keith Herring 7th Boys 2
St. Louis Christian 7th Boys Jeff Duncan 7th Boys 2
Parkway South Hilligoss 7th Boys Gary Hilligoss 7th Boys 2
Wentzville Holt Gold 7th Boys David Westbrook Sr. 7th Boys 3
Liberty White 7th Boys Robert Johnston 7th Boys 4
Parkway West Roy 7th Boys Kevin Roy 7th Boys 4
St. Dominic 7th Boys Jim Welby 7th Boys 4
Fox 7th Boys Jeff Groh 7th Boys 5
Francis Howell Gold 7th Boys Lloyd Ney 7th Boys 5
Fort Zumwalt West Reese 7th Boys Rich Reese 7th Boys 5
Chrisitan High 7th Boys Kris Hanson 7th Boys 6
Parkway South Heimlich 7th Boys Michael Heimlich 7th Boys 6
Parkway West Meert 7th Boys John Meert 7th Boys 7
Northwest 7th Boys Jim Davis 7th Boys 7
Wentzville Tribe Blue 7th Boys Tony Briegel 7th Boys 7
Francis Howell Hultman 7th Boys Isaiah Hultman 7th Boys 8
Liberty Red 7th Boys Matt Beckerdite 7th Boys 8
Marquette White 7th Boys Tom Swaykus 7th Boys 8
Parkway West Kuehl 7th Boys Steve Kuehl 7th Boys 9
Marquette Blue 7th Boys Chris Ellis 7th Boys 9
Fort Zumwalt West Hatfield 7th Boys Kyle Hatfield 7th Boys 10
Kirkwood Red 7th Boys Bill Gunn 7th Boys 10
Francis Howell Wiegand 8th Boys Nick Wiegand 8th Boys 1
Parkway South McPherson 8th Boys Eric McPherson 8th Boys 2
Francis Howell Eisenhart 8th Boys Mark Eisenhart 8th Boys 3
Fort Zumwalt West Fox 8th Boys Steve Fox 8th Boys 4
Fox 8th Boys Keith Rickman 8th Boys 5
Parkway South Veltrop 8th Boys Kyle Veltrop 8th Boys 5
Parkway West White 8th Boys John Wright 8th Boys 5
Parkway Central Red 8th Boys Gary Glassman 8th Boys 5
Fort Zumwalt South Red 8th Boys Jason Sefrit 8th Boys 6
Parkway Central White 8th Boys Dean Stepke 8th Boys 7
Rockwood Summit 8th Boys Richard Hayden 8th Boys 7
St. Dominic 8th Boys Jack Kimbell 8th Boys 7
Eureka 8th Boys Dave Moger 8th Boys 8
Ladue 8th Boys Pete Balsavias 8th Boys 8
Lindbergh 8th Boys Charlie Blume 8th Boys 8
Northwest 8th Boys Jim Davis 8th Boys 8
Parkway West Blue 8th Boys John Wright 8th Boys 8
Fort Zumwalt South Black 8th Boys Mike Mahoney 8th Boys 9
Oakville 4th Girls Curtis VanGaasbeek 4th Girls 2
Liberty 4th Girls Dustin Ashby 4th Girls 3
Fort Zumwalt South 4th Girls Derek schmuck 4th Girls 5
Francis Howell North 4th Girls Josh Plymale 4th Girls 5
Eureka 4th Girls Jay Wilken 4th Girls 5
Bethalto 4th Girls Jeff Durbin 4th Girls 9
Marquette Blue 5th Girls Lynn Richardson 5th Girls 2
St. Dominic 5th Girls Don Seaton 5th Girls 3
Timberland 5th Girls Dan Lamb 5th Girls 4
Marquette Green 5th Girls Aaron Lang 5th Girls 8
Marquette Blue 6th Girls Tim Bowdern & Mike McAteer 6th Girls 2
Fort Zumwalt West 6th Girls Tami Fenstermacher 6th Girls 3
Hillsboro 6th Girls Kevin Hilton 6th Girls 3
Rockwood Summit 6th Girls Jeremy Kitchen 6th Girls 4
Seckman 6th Girls Tim/Jessica Meeks 6th Girls 5
Clayton 6th Girls Terry pierce 6th Girls 6
Fort Zumwalt South 6th Girls Mark Smith 6th Girls 7
Marquette Green 6th Girls Tim Bowdern; Mike McAteer 6th Girls 8
Fort Zumwalt West 7th Girls Ashlee Kiefer 7th Girls 1
Parkway West 7th Girls Dennis Cronin-Doyle 7th Girls 2
Marquette Blue 7th Girls Jon White 7th Girls 2
Parkway Central 7th Girls Mike Fritz 7th Girls 4
St. Dominic Derek Bland 7th Girls 4
Liberty 7th Girls Doug Smith 7th Girls 5
Francis Howell Jason schneider 7th Girls 5
Francis Howell Jason Schneider 7th Girls 5
Bethalto (Civic Memorial) Jeffrey Durbin 7th Girls 7
Marquette Girls Jon White 7th Girls 7
Eureka Jeff McCune 7th Girls 8
Rockwood Summit Dal Mantz 7th Girls 8
Parkway West Black 8th Girls Carey Moore 8th Girls 2
Lindbergh – Flyers Elite Green Shelby Miller 8th Girls 3
Northwest David Brand Jr. 8th Girls 4
Rockwood Summit Falcons Ean Manalang 8th Girls 5
Parkway South High School Brittany Willis 8th Girls 6
Marquette Girls Rob Marshall 8th Girls 6
Lindbergh – Flyers Elite Gold Shelby Miller 8th Girls 7
St. Dominic Matt Fisher 8th Girls 8
Bethalto Civic Memorial Michael Wallace 8th Girls 10



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